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The Congress of Wonders "Revolting"

The Congress of Wonders, "Sophomoric"



These rare and OOP records have been remastered by with kind permission from and as a gift in honor to Howard Kerr and Phill Sawyer.  Every care has been taken to preserve the natural sound of the original records and remove clicks, pops and surface noise. 
Here is what Phill Sawyer (engineer & producer of the LPs) has to say about the remasters:
Eric- I want to thank you for doing such a great job of making these CD versions of both of the Congress of Wonders original LP recordings.  The very inviting warmth of the voices is a real surprise and a real treat.  On "Sophomoric" especially I think you have done an excellent job in bringing the bold and friendly sound of analog to the digital domain. They sound even better than I remember them sounding on the original vinyl. "

Here is what Howard Kerr (aka Karl Truckload) of The Congress of Wonders says:
I heard it and I thought it was swell!

The Congress of Wonders
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New!!! The Congress of Wonders DVD & Bonus CD!!!
Cedro Willy
NEW from the vaults!!!
The Congress of Wonders "Cedro Willy" DVD and a bonus CD of previously unheard COW masterpieces; "Live at the Boarding House" and The Congress of Wonders "Demo Tape."  Many thanks to The Congress of Wonders' former manager Tony Betterton for pulling a rabbit out of his hat! 
The DVD runs about 15 minutes and the CD is approx one hour.
"Live at the Boarding House" includes the following skits: "Storybook Land," "Word Piles," "Television," and "The Saga of Smuggler Bill."
The Congress of Wonders "Demo Tape" includes sample commercials used on KSAN

  1. Storybook Land

  2. Word Piles

  3. Television    Broadband / Dialup (excerpt)

  4. The Saga of Smuggler Bill  Broadband / Dialup (excerpt)

  5. Intro

  6. Mr. Broadway Hair Styling Salon

  7. Michaels of Marin

  8. San Francisco Magazine

  9. Barney Hershfield  Broadband / Dialup

  10. The Last Light of Christmas

  11. Christmas Chapter 2

  12. Christmas Chapter 3

  13. Christmas Chapter 4

  14. Christmas Chapter 5

  15. Christmas Chapter 6

To purchase "From The Vaults" DVD & Bonus CD for only $17.50 includes s & h

Fred Kuentz of Scottsdale, AZ says:
Got the discs! So did my friend Russ! Great quality! Whooo-Hoooo!

Joel Says: Yay..... More Congress of Wonders.... Yay!!!!

Katrinka says:
I picked up both CD's and they sound GREAT!

JR says:
Thank you for restoring these gems to disc!
it was a pleasant surprise to get steered yer way and finally land these suckers!

Garrie says:
Fantastic sound quality, heard new stuff (ex: background voices near the end of “Stoned Ranger”) that doesn’t come through on my well-worn LPs.

Nels says: Thanks for the CD's There sound better than my Dad's LPs Now I know where some of the things my Dad says come from; Tonight We eat Chinese!

Thanks for the amazingly quick shipping! I loved the CD so much that I'm sending a copy to a friend at work...Rick

Hey Eric!
Got the CDs earlier this week and the remastering sounds great! Thanks
again for taking the time to keep these LPs alive.
Take care, Nick

Thanks for the speedy delivery. I thought I'd never hear these guys again! The sound is excellent & as funny as I remember. Keep up the good work!
Kevin Anderson


Read liner notes from "Revolting":
Ever since I was lucky enough to stumble into the presence of the Congress of Wonders some years ago, they have brought a lovely light into my life.  They are sharp, satirical and devastating in their dedication to poking fun at the pomposities they see all around them and this includes members of their own sub-culture, advocates of their own life style.

An ability to laugh at ones own foibles is an essential element in humor and the Congress has that.  They came out of the University of California drama department, the Open Theater in Berkeley and the Haight/Ashbury.  They played innumerable double bills at the Avalon and the Family Dog with all the bands that made San Francisco famous.  Elusive though they may be (and they successfully resisted recording for years) their humor is far from elusive.  It is, in my experience, the sharpest satire since Lenny Bruce.

Richard Rollins (Winslow Thrill) and Howard Kerr (Karl Truckload) do all the voices, play all the roles and write all the material.  I have seen grown men collapse into jelly upon hearing their Pigeon Park skit.  Bill Ballantine, who runs the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey clown school (and who is totally unfamiliar with the culture from whence the Congress comes), thought they were delightful.  I think they are out of sight.  Listen at your own risk, humor like this can change your life.  And with the capacity for punning that they possess, one can be moved to a high order of outrage.
-Ralph J. Gleason

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